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We are a bright smart young family from Germany.
I am 48 years old, my wife 31 years old, our children 12 and 9 years.

We are looking for a chance in Malibu, Santa Monica or surroundings.

We have a lot to offer:

Our qualities:

– We are healthy and never get sick because we know how to do it
– We are adaptable
– We learn very fast
– We are trustworthy
– We solve problems quickly
– We have German punctuality
– We work very well and clean
– I am a teacher for a better quality of life
– I advise you in all areas
– I have an eye for the detail
– I see and recognize every problem
– I am a manager for your house or your business
– I take repairs of all kinds
– I am universally applicable (land, house, garden, kitchen, children, advice, travel, accompaniment, coach, players and much more)
– I can do almost anything and make every job in and around the house perfect
– I speak German
– I have previous knowledge in English and Spanish – I quickly learn English when I am there
– My wife speaks fluent Spanish, German – she also quickly learns English on the spot (interpreter for Spanish-German)
– My wife can very well look after children or make purchases
– My wife and I are a team if necessary

We specialize in the following areas:

– nutritional advice (vegan, organic, raw food, gluten-free, sugar-free, aluminum-free)
– Fitness advice
– Life coaching
– alternative healing methods
– spiritual counseling
– fast chauffeur driving services
– Childcare
– Safety information
– create and maintain websites
– Manager activities of all kinds
– Advertising ideas and designs
– We have business ideas directly for Malibu and surrounding area